03 February 2011

The Power Of Words

Happy Thursday everybody!

I can gladly say that I feel great today!

Yesterday was such a lovely day for me. I was planning to sleep in a bit since I had to be at work later but my internal clock didn't agree with that and by 7am I was wide awake. So I decided to take the morning slow and enjoy it since I don’t often get to do that.

I turned on my computer ready to check my emails, Youtube videos and all that jazz and stumbled upon all the nice replies to this comment I left on Bodyrock.tv two days ago. I was just so overwhelmed I almost cried of joy. People were just so supportive and kind beyond my wildest expectation. Why am I telling you this? Because reading those kind words gave me such a boost that all I wanted to do was suit up and workout… and that is exactly what I did and I loved every minute of it.

It’s amazing how kindness and support can turn someone else’s day!

Funny enough, just when I finished my stretching after this brutal workout my alarm went off since I had forgotten to turn it off when I woke up earlier on. I was even happier because I got my workout out of the way without even realizing it. How wonderfully can things work out at times if you just capture the moment.

After a warm shower and a nice breakfast I was out the door by 9.45am.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday but the wind was so cold it took my breath away. Btw I must get better at this whole take-the-camera-with-me thing! I always forget :P

So when I got home my tummy was screaming for some warm and fast comfort food. Thank lord for leftovers! I heated up some delish stir-fry (onions, carrots and cabbage with soy sauce) I made yesterday paired up with some quinoa and sliced turkey. Yum yum!

My belly was finally satisfied and I could go on with my day :D

After getting some work done at home (oh, the beauty of working from home!) I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day, called up a friend and went out for a walk. We walked quite a bit and by 5pm we were starving. My friend was craving ice-cream, I really wasn’t though… did I mention how cold yesterday was? But I decided to go along with that anyways but I ordered plain yogurt (not the frozen kind and with no sugar added) and fresh cut up strawberries and banana. One word: de-lish! Who said that healthy options have to taste bad?! I enjoyed it much more than I would have ice-cream and it was good for me too. Double score!

We walked around some more and by 8pm we were ready for some dinner and we opted for a nice Chinese restaurant. I had the spring roll, a stir-fry and some spicy aubergines. I actually wasn’t going to order anything else after the stir-fry but my friend insisted that I took something else since she was going to. Don’t you hate when people do that? I know I could have said no but we were having such a nice time that I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere. So I opted for some light-ish aubergines (thank god they were not deep-fried)! When dessert time came around though I really had to politely insist not to have any. I was certainly not going to ruin my dinner by taking something that I really didn’t want, no matter what everyone thought. People should really respect that.


How do you handle these kind of situations? Do you try to stick what you want? Give in? Or somewhere in between? I usually am somewhere in between: if I find a way to accommodate the other person without compromising what I want too much, I do that but only to a certain extent.


Off to cook some lunch… I am starving! :D

To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.
- Bono



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